Traceability labels

In transport, logistics and e-commerce applications, the physical qualities of labels are vital. Such track labels or delivery labels must perform on a wide range of surfaces and in a variety of environments, while maintaining clear readability. On top of all these, labels must be even more cost-efficient compared to other industrial fields.

We answer to such needs with a wide assortment of logistic labels and warehouse labels, blending in the right combination of substrates and adhesives. We permanently make analysis of the climatic conditions in which packaging and storage of goods is taking place, as well as according to the adhesion surface and transportation conditions. Also, together with the customer, we select from a wide variety of industrial packaging labels or track and trace labels with data recording such as barcodes, QR codes or RFID.

For returnable packages that need a label change after each delivery, we offer innovative placeholder labels that allow an easy and cost-effective product label repetitive removal.

  • Adhesive barcode labels
  • Numbered labels
  • QR code labels
  • Barcode labels

Barcode labels

Barcodes are present on almost any product we buy nowadays. They combine alphanumeric (product name or code, readable with human eye) and digital (readable with special readers) identifiers to ensure the track-and-trace ability of the labelled product.

As adhesive label manufacturer, we offer high resistance variable data labels such as simple one-dimensional bar code or Data Matrix 2D barcode labels including QR code labels.

In terms of simple adhesive barcode labels, we can print both static and variable/serial data such as numbered labels with unique ID. Also, we can enrich them with color dots (dot stickers) or other marks for a quick visual identification.

When it comes to DMC labels (data matrix codes labels), we are adapting them to the decreasingly available product spaces for labelling. For example, for PCB labelling, our QR labels start from 4×4 mm dimensions. In this regard, we offer a resolution of 600 dpi, to provide high print quality for identification of components and circuit boards even with large amounts of data.

  • RFID adhesive labels, Radio Frequency IDentification labels
  • RFID labels

RFID labels

Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) enables fast automatic identification of products and shipping without physical or visual contact. This comprises an RFID transponder – a microchip with memory where data can be stored, edited or deleted – and an antenna. RFID is regularly joined with high strength adhesive labels to provide cost efficient automatic marking, identification, registration, storing and monitoring of components or shipping containers. It is also highly suitable for registration of maintenance work on important devices that must be inspected regularly.

Using our Radio Frequency IDentification labels (RFID adhesive labels), each delivery can benefit from a robust labelling method, as these are not influenced by temperature fluctuations or moisture. Products that will later require special reworking or cleaning may be also reliably marked using RFID.

As opposite to printed barcodes, in RFID labelling the chip data can be edited and supplemented later-on, allowing this tiny device to be a significant component of the reusable intelligent labels.

  • Rack label holder
  • Adhesive label holder
  • Adhesive label holder
  • Placeholder labels
  • Placeholder labels

Placeholder labels

Returnable crates and containers that are used for logistic purposes require frequent labelling. The printed self-adhesive labels, applied directly on these packaging, can leave traces after each removal. Because of these residual build-up, wrong barcode scanning of old codes can generate conflicts and errors during data processing. Also, these can lead to inefficient and costly work of cleaning and scratching.

Our solution to these problems is a place label holder that will accommodate the final shipping labels while necessary to accompany the product. Due to their unique coating, the adhesive labels can be simply peeled off and removed after each trip, without leaving any traces or unaesthetic marks.

This adhesive label holder is a permanent label support and requires a single investment per package. If correctly applied, it will last for the lifetime of the carrier.

Our standard versions of placeholder labels match common European label sizes (DIN) and are compatible with any known adhesive label. However, we have also designed numerous customized adhesive labels holder versions, not only in terms of sizes but also in terms of the re-labelling support (including rack label holder variants).

  • Stock/tracking/preprinted labels
  • Labels for warehouse/racks/pallets of goods
  • Asset labels/tags/management labels/tracking labels
  • Asset labels

Asset labels

In warehousing and other inventory situations, stock labels are key players in asset control. No matter if we speak about single item labels or labels for pallets, each company needs to use asset tracking labels to maintain an accurate evidence of varying assets and their status.

We use unique combination of materials to provide a wide range of inventory labels for manual inscription on-site. These labels can be quickly filled out with the appropriate data and easily removed from the liner in order to allow an efficient registering.

Asset stickers are most applicable to indoor or less demanding environments. However, for extreme adhesive requirements, we can offer custom label solutions. We can also create adhesive inventory labels with different other functions such as barcodes or tamper evidence.

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