Information labels

We design informative label solutions that maintain long term product marking in any environment including harsh operating conditions. Such labels, also called nameplates, carry information on manufacturer name and brand, as well as item features, instructions and approvals for the lifetime of the marked product.

Combining the appropriate material and adhesives with the matching printing process, we produce cost effective custom information labels that suit the unique requirements of our clients.

Whether we speak about individual identification of small wire products or electronic components that experience high temperatures in manufacturing process, every feature from material, thickness, color and size can be personalized in order to complete your product. For individual applications such as window or glass parts, we can also produce labels that stick inside and are readable outside.

  • No label look labels, transparent adhesive labels
  • No label look labels, transparent adhesive labels
  • No label look labels, transparent adhesive labels
  • No-label-look labels
  • No-label-look labels

No-label-look labels

No-Label-Look labels are recommended for applications where the product is desired to be shown in detail through the transparent packaging. We obtain the invisible aspect of these labels by combining high-clarity smooth films and no-yellowing adhesive layers. Using our special label production methods, we carefully prevent air and particle locks that could decrease the clearness of the ensemble. These transparent labels are dispensable by application systems, in order to prevent air bubbles or traces of fingerprints.

Through thermal transfer printing, available in one or multiple colors, we create unlimited options of blending your image and important information.

This solution is a cost-effective and more flexible alternative to direct printing, and we recommend it mostly for high-quality products that require innovative labels. Yet, the no-label aspect can be implemented in any industry to provide a premium appearance.

  • Multi color labels, letterpress print, flexographic printing, screen printing
  • Multi-color labels

Multi-color labels

Using different printing technologies such as letterpress print, flexography or screen print (serigraphy printing), we can quickly respond to practically any color printed labels demand from our customers. Thus, for simple and functional labels, we use UV-rotation screen printing to print in one pass up to 2 colors. For complex color variations or wide color variety applications, we use 6-color UV flexographic printing system. By this last method, we achieve practically the full spectrum of color options in a single printed design.

Our multicolored labels offer original appearance by achieving captivating, photographic quality images. We print with only UV-inks in order to durably maintain the multicolor labels outstanding quality for the lifetime of the product.

  • Multi part labels, asset control labels
  • Multi part labels, asset control labels
  • Multi-part labels, asset control labels
  • Multi part labels

Multi-part labels

Inside manufacturing processes, continuous traceability requires different labeling methods simultaneously. Sometimes it is necessary to mark multiple areas of a product or need to register information about components and internal documents in the same time. Other times, similar items must be grouped together and the selected information applied on different pieces of documentation.

Designed with a combination of perforations and slits, our multiple part labels offer you the possibility to apply the labels step-by-step or in one single step, as a system, ensuring the right data on the appropriate location. This concept is also available in the form of asset management labels, ensuring a permanent evidence on files and as many copies as necessary for products or equipment.

Combinations of functions are also possible, for example by adding security features to a multi-part label.

  • High-temperature rezistent labels, labels for electronics, PCB labels
  • High temperature labels
  • High temperature labels

High temperature labels

High temperature labels are designed to track electronic parts and components through manufacturing processes. PCB labels or other anti static labels for components allow these products to be marked since the beginning, enabling them to safely flow through chemical and solvent washing, ultrasonic cleaning, lead free soldering baths or infrared ovens without label failure.

Our extreme temperature labels offer dimensional stability and this makes them the optimum solution for accurate barcode reading.

Heat resistant labels can have different characteristics depending on the combination of label material, adhesive and printing technology. As utmost heat stabilized versions, we can offer a film selection for temperatures of up to +350° C.

For the electronic industry, we can also produce numerous other solutions such as cable marker labels or labels for wires.

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