Aerospace industry, flammability labels, hazardous substances labels

When it comes to constructing aircrafts, labelling issues might be placed on the bottom of priorities. A new perspective can be created by focusing on the processes that labelling enables. Labels help the manufacturer to quickly identify parts and accurately make the assembly, warn the operator upon product usage and optimize tracking, recording and maintenance for the airplane inspector.

Our labels for aerospace industry are laboratory tested to defy fuels, grease, frequent abrasion, high-altitude temperatures and extended periods in sunlight.

We design labels according to the increasing number of special aeronautical requirements and regulations such as flammability standards and hazardous substances restrictions, as well as to UL regulations.

We design high strength labels for black box recorders, engines and other aircraft equipment, as well as durable photoluminescent elements for marking the emergency exits. Our labels for the aerospace industry are including no label look labels, flammability labels, hazardous substances labels as well as labels with RFID transponder embedding, destinated for devices that need regular inspection.

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