Electronics industry/labels, cable/PCB/anti static labels, wire marker label

The list of challenges inside the electronic industry is long and continuously expanding. Manufacturers and suppliers need to face the increasing competition and the rapidly changing regulations, while trying to maintain the costs at affordable levels. For overall costs improvement, usually the players in this field tend to analyze the manufacturing process itself, while overlooking aspects such as labelling. Since clear and durable identification of cables or other components is vital, mislabeling or label loss can dramatically diminish the profit and affect the brand image.

Our labels for electronics withstand abrasion, moisture, chemical substances and especially exposure to high temperatures without burns, curls or deterioration of the printed data. We design quality adhesive labels that have anti-static and self-extinguishing properties in order to accurately and securely label Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and other sensitive electronic devices and components.

We manufacture wiring labels (also called wire marker labels), cable labels, heat resistant stickers, shock absorbing foam parts, wrap around labels, as well as liquid contact indicator stickers. Our electronics labels are produced according to REACH regulation and European RoHS directive.

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