Labels for industrial environments need to face difficult challenges during manufacturing, handling, storing and shipping conditions. Exposure to oils, fuels, grease, dirt, chemical substances, solvents, moisture or extreme temperatures can significantly damage the valuable information that so often the labels are carrying.

Our labels for industry are high-strength labelling solutions that will accompany the product for the entire lifecycle, ensuring that all important data remain in place and clear to communicate key information to users.

Our technical labels offer durable adhesion to a wide range of substrates including rough or low surface energy (LSE) plastics, while at the same time conforming to regulations that are continuously changing.

Automotive industry/labels, labels for tires/car/vehicles
Electronics industry/labels, cable/PCB/anti static labels, wire marker label
Manufacture labels, labels for manufacturing
Aerospace industry, flammability labels, hazardous substances labels
Storage and logistics, shipping labels
Storage and logistics
Food industry and beverage labels, food product labels
Food and Beverage

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