About us

We manufacture innovative self-adhesive industrial labels that increase efficiency in terms of product identifying, manufacturing, handling, storing and shipping.

Our experience and knowledge allow us to recommend the right labelling solutions, from material selection to printing treatment.
We design our solutions based on a detailed analyze of the labelling aspects for individual application, in order to safely and clearly display data on a variety of surfaces.

Since most of our products are on demand labels, we closely work with each customer to determine the optimum solution.

Our solutions

We advise our customers upon product features and advantages when choosing the right labelling solution for their needs, in a market with huge existing versions of material and combinations.

We support them with samples and concluded tests to meet their durability and functional performance demands. Once all requirements are being determined, we act for a prompt design and prototype development.

Every labeling system that leaves our factory is the result of intensive development work combined with high quality materials and efficient manufacturing processes.

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Our labels

Our know-how is the key to providing our customers with cost-effective superior product performance.

We have developed an extensive range of labels, overlays and precision die-cut parts that can answer to the most demanding product marking, labelling and protecting requirements from our customers.

We produce security labels with open or cover features, customizable holographic films, next generations of high temperature resistant tracking labels as well as HF-RFID and UHF-RFID tags.

We can also produce UL labels (Underwriters Laboratories) and CSA labels (Canadian Standards Association).

Labelling products

Our technologies

We use combinations of letterpress, screen-printing and digital printing up to 7 colors, coating and lamination as well as rotary and flat-bed die cutting technologies to support our customers with a full range of functional and decorative product design.

Our precise slitting machines help us to minimize waste while the spooling equipment allow us to maximize customer efficiencies through reduced changeovers of the rolls.

At the same time, our researches and experience leaded to developing our own dispensing and applicating systems that can be installed either as a stand-alone unit or integrated into production lines to optimize your work processes.

Labelling technologies

Our materials

Our material selection comprises paper and polymers such as polyvinylchloride, polyester or polyolefin films for high performance and cost-effective labelling solutions.

We have enclosed into our products permanent and removable acrylic based adhesives, specialized foams, invisible fluorescence substances, flame retardant and print receptive additives to withstand all relevant conditions and to ensure the integrity of the information.

We constantly develop and test coatings and unique material combinations to optimally infuse our products with high temperature or abrasion resistance, tamper-evidence proof, electrical or thermal conductive features.

How can we help you?

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