Automotive industry/labels, labels for tires/car/vehicles

End users see cars and vehicles only in the final product stage, while the OEMs and tier manufacturers, distributors and retailers involved into the automotive sector have the clear image of the many assemblies of different parts and components. Along the way of transforming the raw material into different pieces and components and then into cars and vehicles, there is one common supporting process and that is labelling. Labels enable movements inside the supply chain and offer critical information about use and safety. They carry vital information and thus need to remain bonded in place and clearly visible for identification, instruction, warning and tracking purposes.

Our labelling systems are manufactured using premium materials, destinated to often last more than the labelled product itself. Using high strength adhesives, we design labels that durably bond even to low surface energy plastic or powder coated metal surfaces.

Our automotive labels, designed to resist to heat, brake fluid, oil and aggressive solvents, are destinated for car exteriors, car interiors as well as for the under-the-hood components. We create custom printed labels for alternators, car engines, batteries, air bag inflators as well as labels for tires.

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