Security labels

Adhesive security labels are valuable carriers of data, as they can protect people and products in unsafe or uncertain situations. These self-adhesive security labels include warning, tamper evidence and brand protection labels, as well as indicator labels.

Our hazard labels and warning stickers are designed to reduce health and safety risks and to keep your staff and visitors secured. Tamper evident asset tags disintegrate or display a void message to indicate tampering has occurred, while indicator labels reliably prove that your product has been in contact with potentially damaging substances. For brand protection and enhancement, we use advanced identification techniques, such as a hologram sticker or an UV pigment, in order to offer you reliable solutions to forgery attempts.

Either we speak about clear displayed messages or security features that are not visible prior to removal, our labels cover the entire spectrum of industrial safety and compliance rules.

  • Warning labels, hazard labelling, danger labels
  • Warning labels

Warning labels

Caution labels are essential in any production or construction site, as they are containing information on potential danger that could lead to serious injury or death. By placing safety labels on the necessary equipment or designated areas, the workers and visitors are notified of different hazards, restricted zones or the type of equipment that they are required to use.

This type of label manufacture is including a wide range of labels with precautionary and guiding messages. Our warning and hazard labelling solutions are designed to withstand chemicals, moisture, abrasion and fading.

We combine text and symbols by using multicolor print, in order to highlight your important messages through danger labels and thus to avoid accidents inside your workplace.

  • Tamper evidence labels
  • Sealing labels
  • VOID labels
  • Tamper evidence labels

Tamper evidence labels

For high traffic applications that require protection against unauthorized label manipulation or removal, we offer a vast selection of asset tags with destructible and delaminating originally hidden features.

When a manipulation attempt occurs, destructible labels break into pieces and the ultra-resistant adhesive leaves evident marks on the surface where the label was applied. Our labels are provided with die-cut security features, so that material cannot be removed in one piece.

Other versions of tamper proof labels are referring to VOID labels or sealing labels. When forced to detach, these labels delaminate and a “void” lettering becomes visible on the adhesive layer that remains on the part. Such anti theft labels cannot be reconstructed or reapplied, thus ascertaining that products are not intact anymore and someone tried to tamper with them.

A security seal label is fully customizable and combinations of void and anti-counterfeit labels with holograms are also possible.

  • Brand protection labels, hologram labels/sticker
  • Brand protection labels, holographic labels, security hologram labels

Brand protection labels

For brand protection applications, our labels can integrate security features such as holograms or special pigments that are blend into the adhesive. Difficult to copy, hologram labels offer not only a general elegant and attractive look but also the proof of originality when light hits them. For certain applications, security hologram labels can incorporate tamper features as well. In this case, if someone attempts to remove or transfer them, the holographic labels will self-destruct and leave the “VOID” marks on the labelled products.

The other method we use for easy authentication or counterfeit protection is blending hidden UV features inside our labels. This allows cost-effective marking labels by only adding UV fluorescent pigments. Once the material is glued on the product, these pigments penetrate the surface over time. If the label is removed, an UV light examination will reveal the security stamp.

  • water damage indicator/sticker
  • Indicator labels
  • liquid contact indicators/sitcker
  • Indicator labels

Indicator labels

For costly devices such as smartphones or laptops, many alleged technical defects turn to be not more than malfunctions caused by water contact or immersion. In order to distinguish such cases from real manufacturing defects, we offer an economic water damage indicator label that provides a clear proof in this respect.  These liquid contact indicators consist of self-adhesive compounds with multiple layers, one of which reacts to water or other water-based substances, turning the surface color from white to red. A small amount of liquid is enough to trigger a reaction on the moisture labels and thus indicate that the item might be compromised. The color change is permanent, so it remains visible on the water damage sticker after drying as well.

Our indicator stickers are coated with acrylic adhesives, for a durable bonding to different plastic and metal surfaces. By using them, you will avoid costs of unnecessary product repairs or replacements.

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