Storage and logistics

Storage and logistics, shipping labels

Labels can experience fluctuations in temperature and humidity throughout the entire logistic chain and when stored both indoors and outdoors. Over time, such conditions can damage the labels and make them unreadable. The impossibility to ensure traceability of products or their proper warehousing can lead to identification errors or to even damages on the product itself.

Such costly losses can be avoided by using clear and durable labelling solutions. Our label materials are specially developed for harsh transport conditions and long-term warehousing. We use high-quality substrates and adhesives to create reliable labeling products that can improve productivity, accuracy and flexibility in any consignment or storage application.

For shipping, we offer a wide variety of logistics labels such as barcodes, RFID or place holder labels that will minimize handling, lessen errors and securely accompany the product all the way from manufacturing site to the final destination. In storage, our extensive range of labels for warehouse includes a variety of asset control labels, caution stickers or labels for racks that can simplify sorting, speed up inventory and enhance operations safety.

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