Thermal transfer ribbons

Thermal transfer ribbons consist of polyester films on which are coated different layers of ink. These layers are heat sensitive on one side. Thanks to the heat, delivered by the thermal head of the thermal printer, ink is being transferred to the label printing surface to create the intended image.

We offer a variety of ribbons for printer that are suitable for subsequent inscription on site. When combined with the right label substrate materials and printing technology, they produce high performance labelling solutions.

Our range of thermal transfer ink ribbons comprise different qualities and colors. We provide was/resin as well as resin ribbons for unrivalled performance on self adhesive label printers.

  • Wax or resin ribbons for permanent labelling/printing

Wax / resin ribbons

Ribbons with wax and resin-based ink prove good printing quality and medium-term durability. They are recommended for most application areas and pair mainly with top-coated paper label or matte synthetic plastic label materials. They offer accurate printing as well as satisfactory opacity of the color, which is important specifically to ensure bar code labels optimum readability.

In standard, this type of ribbon is available in black color.

Wax resin ribbons are particularly suitable for printing on smooth surfaces. It provides good resistance in moderate to harsh exposure to abrasion, moisture and chemical substances.

  • Resin ribbons for permanent labelling/printing

Resin ribbons

Ribbons with a resin-based ink (synthetic resin) are used for permanent labelling. They are compatible with a wide range of synthetic label face stock materials such as PET label or PP label. When choosing the right receiver material, the printing can fulfil durable, scratch resistant features. These labels are also resisting to moisture, temperature variations, UV exposure and solvents.

Resin ribbons offer very sharp images, which gives them exceptional scanning performances. They are available in black and white, but upon request can be also offered in colors such as yellow, blue, green, red or orange.

By using our high-quality resin ribbons, you will have not only the proven labelling advantage, but also an extended thermal printhead life.

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