Self-adhesive pockets

  • Self adhesive pockets

Self-adhesive pockets

Your labels on shipment containers and warehouse shelves will never fade or become illegible thanks to self adhesive pockets. Easy to use, versatile and available in a comprehensive range of sizes, the sticker label pockets can be use in any industry for:

  • Labeling merchandize
  • Displaying shipping instructions
  • Showing operation/maintenance instructions on machines and equipment;
  • Attaching safety data sheet to dangerous and sensitive products.

The self adhesive pockets are impermeable – thus accidental spillages or inclement weather will not damage the contents.

Available Sizes

We offer you self adhesive pockets in a wide range of formats:

  • A5 landscape reinforced half-way through (225 x 110/160 mm)
  •  A5 landscape completely reinforced through (225 x 150/160 mm)
  •  A6 landscape (155 x 110/115 mm)
  •  A6 portrait (115 x 152/160 mm)
  •  A5 landscape (218 x 149/154 mm​)
  •  A5 portrait (160 x 212/217 mm)
  •  A4 landscape (310 x 215/220 mm​)
  •  A4 portrait (220 x 305/310 mm).

We can offer many customization options for the self adhesive pockets – so send us your special requirements.

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