Laminating systems

  • Laminating/laminator systems, cold lamination machine, pressure-sensitive lamination

Laminating systems

Lamination is a process of bonding a clear plastic film over a printed matter in order to increase its strength and durability. The protective film is fused to the labels to facilitate resistance to weathering, handling abrasions, chemicals substances or other external influences.  Besides protection, a label laminator can also make an unprintable surface printable, by adding a coating that specific printers can accept.

Our cold laminator systems are fully automatic and use pressure-sensitive lamination adhesive that does not need to be heated. This results in a one-step fast and easy-to-use laminating process.

Based on your application needs and requirements, we can combine, in the same equipment, a cold lamination machine with print, dispense and apply features for an optimal protection in one step.

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