Dispensing systems

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Dispensing systems

Label dispenser systems ensure dosing, roll uncoiling and partial removal of the labels from the liner. Label dispensing plays a major role in the area of identification, as great losses can be registered if the process turns to be a time consuming one.

Our dispensing systems include manual label dispensers and electric label dispensers that increase operation speed and accuracy inside your workflow.

For low and medium volume applications, we offer simple and easy to use roll label dispenser with push button and continuous feed. Such systems facilitate the manual label application, allowing the liner material to be pulled over a peel edge with a pre-settled tension. This determines the label to be released from the back paper, so it is ready for manual application. Once the label is removed, the next one is available immediately thanks to automatic label detection. At the same time, the empty liner is rewound on a separate roll.

Our systems do not require adjusting tools for differently sized labels. If necessary, a counter can be installed to indicate the amounts of applied labels.

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