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Arcasafe is an efficient and cost effective transport pouch for important documents, small sensitive items and valuables. The plastic pouch with sealable flap will indicate any tampering attempt as marks on the adhesive strp.

Key Benefits of Using Arcasafe Transport Pouches

The plastic mailing bags are easy to use and very light. Thus, your employees will be able to prepare a package within minutes and your company will also optimize its shipment costs. Arcasafe pouches can be customized with your company logo for improved traceability.

However, the number one benefit of these mailing pouches is the guarantee of confidentiality and superior protection it offers to your documents and valuables. Despite its light weight, Arcasafe pouches are extremely resistant and impermeable.

Special Closure for Maximum Safety

The secure adhesive flap cannot be opened by applying heat or cold temperature or by pouring solvents without leaving visible traces behind. This ensures the highest degree of safety for important papers and items.

One Product, Many Options

Arcasafe pouches can be customized in several ways, such as:

  • Micro-printing on the edge of the pouch
  • Adding removable receipt stubs;
  • Application of all known versions of barcodes up to 100 mm in height;
  • Sequential numbering;
  • Large and small perforations;
  • Transport handles;
  • Double pouch;
  • Bottom bellows,
  • Bundle;
  • Printing in up to 6 colors on each Arcasafe pouch.

The Arcasafe plastic pouches are used by companies for which safety and confidentiality in transit is of paramount important, such as:

  • Banks
  • Money couriers
  • Governments, state agencies
  • Law enforcement authorities
  • Scientific laboratories
  • Large retail companies
  • Airlines and airports.

Arcasafe envelopes are available in three versions of manufacturing:

  • Transparent – made of LDPE or co-extruded film if you want the contents of your shipment to be visible;
  • Opaque – made of co-extruded film for complete confidentiality of the contents;
  • Mesh film – used especially for transporting banknotes by money courier companies.

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