Application systems

  • Label application systems, automated label applicator, battery label applicator

Application systems

Our label application systems comprise an automated label applicator with dispensing features in order to label continuous moving products by using a roller or a brush.

For complex production or assembly lines, we can integrate conveyor belts, printing units or modular structures to suit our customer needs. We can also add supplementary functions to these label applicator systems such as visual missing label control or label scanning. For high accuracy demands, we can minimize the positioning tolerance to under 2 mm. We can achieve this performance by a vacuum label applicator which uses a stamp that holds in place the label until bonding on the intended surface.

Our automated dispensers and applicators allow numerous product marking, from simple straight labels to wrap-around labels for cylindrical products. For battery labelling, we have created a system to apply at the same time up to 6 labels on one product in different positions.

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