RFID labels

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RFID labels

Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) enables fast automatic identification of products and shipping without physical or visual contact. This comprises an RFID transponder – a microchip with memory where data can be stored, edited or deleted – and an antenna. RFID is regularly joined with high strength adhesive labels to provide cost efficient automatic marking, identification, registration, storing and monitoring of components or shipping containers. It is also highly suitable for registration of maintenance work on important devices that must be inspected regularly.

Using our Radio Frequency IDentification labels (RFID adhesive labels), each delivery can benefit from a robust labelling method, as these are not influenced by temperature fluctuations or moisture. Products that will later require special reworking or cleaning may be also reliably marked using RFID.

As opposite to printed barcodes, in RFID labelling the chip data can be edited and supplemented later-on, allowing this tiny device to be a significant component of the reusable intelligent labels.

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