Digital Labels

  • Digital label for product information display
  • Smart displays for retail stores
  • Digital tags for easy tracking of items

Digital Labels

Digital labels are an innovative solution. They mark the transition of digital labelling in business. They combine the benefits of traditional paper labels with advanced displays. They provide real-time information to both customers and employees. Say goodbye to time-consuming label changes and welcome the future of your business with these smart labels.

We ensure easy installation and a selection of accessories, including fasteners. Euro-Labels specialists may assist clients with integration into an existing data network.

What are digital labels?

Digital Labels, or E-labels, are digital solutions for diverse applications. These include price labelling, signage, and production processes. Data travels fast to tags via Wi-Fi. This allows quick updates and centralized management.

What are the functions of the intelligent labels?

They use e-paper technology. The energy-efficient use of e-paper allows the fonts to have a clear display. Numbers and logos appear in all lighting conditions. They have a long battery life. So our labels offer long-lasting performance. Integrated labels can receive power through the shelf rails. This eliminates the need to replace batteries. Our labels can run at temperatures between 0 and 45 °C. As a result, they are suitable for chilled environments and specialized applications.

Benefits of Digital Labels

  • Product and Price Accuracy: Update product data and prices in real time. There is no need to change labels physically.
  • Secure Data Transmission:Encrypted radio connections ensure data security. This safeguards the wireless network.
  • Centralized Price Control:A central interface helps clients monitor and manage prices across multiple locations.
  • Inventory Management: High-resolution displays support barcode scanning. It aids in inventory control.
  • Extensive Fastening Solutions:Our labels can be mounted anywhere. This is due to the range of available adapters, stands, and rails.
  • Efficient Use of Staff: Guide employees to products and shelves for restocking. This improves staff workflow.
  • Expiry Date Management:Use immediate price updates to offer goods with short expiry dates at special prices.

At Euro-Labels, we provide holistic customer service to meet specific needs:

  • Requirements Assessment:We assess client needs and tailor solutions to meet them.
  • Concept and Design:We develop concepts and designs that align with clients’ goals and conditions.
  • Label Creation:Our team creates customized digital labels. These integrate RFID and e-paper technology.
  • Software Programming:We program the software to ensure seamless integration with clients’ existing systems.
  • RFID and NFC Coding:We code RFID and NFC tags. This helps enable accurate data capture and tracking.
  • Integration: We integrate all components into your existing IT framework. This ensures a smooth start-up of the new digital labels.
  • Training and Support:We offer complete training and support services. This ensures that users benefit from the advantages of using digital labels.
  • Flexible Options: Our range of services allows clients to choose the level of support and customization that best suits their needs.
  • Application Methods:Labels can be glued, screwed, plugged, or attached using magnets or Velcro.

Application Examples

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management:

  • The smart displays show vital information such as product expiration dates and batch numbers. This aids with efficient inventory management and recall processes.

Price Labelling in Retail Stores:

  • Electronic labels are used in supermarkets and retail stores to display product prices. In addition, they display promotions and other relevant information in real-time.
  • With digital tags, retailers can instantly update prices for all items in the store. This eliminates the need for manual label changes and ensures price accuracy.

Inventory Management in Warehouses:

  • In warehouses and distribution centres, the smart tags help with inventory management and stock tracking.
  • RFID-enabled digital tags enable perfect inventory tracking. They provide constant visibility of stock levels and warehouse locations.

Dynamic Product Information Displays:

  • Digital labels in stores can dynamically display product information. These include ingredients, allergens and nutritional data.
  • This way, customers can make informed purchasing decisions and improve their shopping experience.

Promotion and Advertising Displays:

  • Retailers use digital labels to showcase in-store promotions, advertisements, and special offers.
  • Digital labels provide flexibility in advertising campaigns and promotional activities. This is due to their ability to update content remotely.

Temperature Monitoring in Cold Storage:

  • Digital labels with temperature sensors find use in warehouses and cold stores to monitor temperature-sensitive products.
  • RFID digital tags can track temperature fluctuations in real-time. They ensure compliance with cold chain requirements and product safety.

Product tracking and identification:

  • RFID tags enable traceability and authentication of products in stores and warehouses.
  • Retailers can track the movement of products from supplier to shelf. This reduces the risk of counterfeit products and increases supply chain transparency.

Shelf Layout and Compliance:

  • E-labels help organize shelves and follow planograms in stores. They also ensure that products are displayed correctly and according to marketing guidelines.
  • Retailers can remotely update shelf configuration and product placement. This optimizes space and maximizes sales opportunities.

Elevate your customer’s shopping experience and increase productivity with the electronic tags from Euro-Labels.

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