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Barcode labels

Barcodes are present on almost any product we buy nowadays. They combine alphanumeric (product name or code, readable with human eye) and digital (readable with special readers) identifiers to ensure the track-and-trace ability of the labelled product.

As adhesive label manufacturer, we offer high resistance variable data labels such as simple one-dimensional bar code or Data Matrix 2D barcode labels including QR code labels.

In terms of simple adhesive barcode labels, we can print both static and variable/serial data such as numbered labels with unique ID. Also, we can enrich them with color dots (dot stickers) or other marks for a quick visual identification.

When it comes to DMC labels (data matrix codes labels), we are adapting them to the decreasingly available product spaces for labelling. For example, for PCB labelling, our QR labels start from 4×4 mm dimensions. In this regard, we offer a resolution of 600 dpi, to provide high print quality for identification of components and circuit boards even with large amounts of data.

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